Managing Our Spare Keys

2 Features to Consider for a New Office Safe

An office safe can be a good choice for any business, even if you don’t normally manage large amounts of cash. The safe can provide a secure location for business paperwork, checks, credit cards, and other such items that shouldn’t be left in a desk drawer. You may also have disks and data storage items […]

3 Things You Can Do To Avoid Being Locked Out of Your Home

Some people frequently incur the cost of calling an emergency locksmith because they keep losing their house keys. You can avoid incurring those costs by taking some simple steps. This article discusses some of those helpful preventive steps. Buy a Lock Box A lock box is a container that can be opened using a code. […]

Things to Think About Before Buying a Smart Lock

If you’re thinking about trading in your door hardware for a new handle and smart lock, there are some things you need think about. A smart lock allows you to access your home without a key and to even remotely open your door wherever you might be, which is great if you can’t be at […]

Some Great (and Not So Great) Places to Hide Your Spare Key

If you find yourself being locked outside on a regular basis and have a locksmith on speed dial, you might have considered hiding a spare key somewhere outside your home. But doesn’t this make your home vulnerable? This can be the case if the hiding place is too obvious, but it’s certainly possible to hide […]

Locksmiths Do More Than Solve Your Emergency

Locksmiths do a lot more than help you break into your locks to get into your home or car. Their services have expanded to cover many areas in which you may need help and address various locking and safety needs you may have. Emergency Help The most common use for calling a 24 hour locksmith […]

Home Security: 3 Signs Someone Has Tampered With Your Locks

Burglary is a common crime in Australia, with 181,879 reports of “entering with intent” in 2014. Not all of these attempts are successful, so knowing the signs that someone has attempted to enter your property can allow you to take action to improve the security around your home. Below is a brief guide which outlines […]

3 Ways To Make Sure Your Children Don’t Unintentionally Jeopardise Your Family’s Home Security

You obviously want your home to be as secure as possible, so you hire a reliable locksmith to protect all entry points with secure locks. You can also increase your home’s security by adding security systems. These locking mechanisms work well to enhance the security of your home, but you can sometimes miss the fact […]

Tips for Increasing Your Garage Security

Your garage provides a lot of benefits, from storing your vehicle and other household items, to allowing you a workspace for doing car repairs or having a laundry room. However, it can also provide ways for a thief to steal from you or gain access into your home. Here are some important garage security tips […]

5 Ways to Prevent Your Car Door Lock’s Freezing During Colder Weather

One of the most frustrating things that can happen to your car when the temperature plummets is the locks becoming frozen. It’s extremely aggravating to be stuck outside of the vehicle for no other reason than frozen locks, but you can prevent this from happening by taking the 5 steps listed below. 1. Keep the […]

When to Call for Emergency Glass Repair for a Home or Commercial Window

If a window has been broken or shattered by a brick, rock or anything else, then of course you will want to call for emergency glass repairs. Having broken glass all over your property and going without a window overnight can be very unsafe, not to mention unsightly. However, there are times when you should […]